Bush Fires in Windhoek

It is the bush fire season in Namibia and even with the sheer amount of rain, causing the grass to be thicker and taller than usual, the amount of fire reports are not significantly higher than previous years according to the Windhoek Fire Chief, Carlo Louw. “It is simply the fire period”

Louw has advised that all people who live next to rivers and open bush-veld, should clear at least 3 meters of the grass around their properties to prevent any fire from spreading towards their homes. Everybody should immediately report any fire that they notice to the fire brigade even if they think that it may already have been reported.  Rather be safe than sorry.

According to the chief of the emergency services in Otjiwarongo, Karl-Heinz Hanssen,  about 4000 hectares of pastures were ruined in two large fires near the town during the last week. The first one started near the
waste pools and spread across the small farms to the road that leads to Outjo, where it was contained.
The second fire started the following day on a farm towards Okahandja. Hanssen was taken up in a helicopter by the owner of the farm, Jan du Preez, so that he could get a better picture of the fire and coordinate the firefighters.

“Thankfully, we have a great relationship with the various farming communities in the are who also help us with the fires. Because of this bond, we are able to fight the fires effectively and efficiently.” reported Hanssen. This cooperation began roughly ten years ago where the fire brigade met up with farmers and joined meetings to explain and educate the farmers on fire prevention and fighting. Many of the farmers have purchased  firefighting equipment which are mounted on pickups and assist the fire brigade in Otjiwarongo in fighting bush fires.

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  1. Holger Steinmeier says:

    It is sad that so much is happening all over the world that nothing of this hits our news in Germany.. First Namibia had floods which caused lots of death and destruction, then deaths because of the cold front and even more destruction of crops and now the fires. The poor country really seems to be suffering a lot this year.

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