Namibia’s seal cull may cost more than expected

The international conservation groups continue to pile on the pressure in Namibia to stop the seal cull which is now known as the world’s biggest marine slaughter.

Earthrace Conservation, who concentrate on marine wildlife, issued a warning that Namibia is getting extremely close to being placed in the same category as Japan, who are renowned for their dolphin slaughter, and will earn a black mark from conservationists as well as tourists. This year the seal cull has become a huge topic of discussion and has attracted a lot of international publicity which has been hotly debated and heavily criticized. Namibia and Canada are the only two countries in the world that still have this barbaric practice of culling seals.

The case that the Ministry of Fisheries use is not feasible because it does not take the key roles that the seals play in the ecosystem into account. The reason that the fish numbers are low in Namibian waters are not because of the seals, but rather because of overfishing, according to Pet Bethune, the founder of the Earthrace group. Namibia has less seal than Canada, yet they kill more than Canada. In Canada, the allowed total of seals that could be killed was 400,000 but only 38,000 were actually killed. The seals tourism earns Namibia about N$8 Million yearly whereas the seal cull only brings in between N$500,000 and N$1 Million a year, so arguments for the seal cull in Namibia simply do not add up, according to Earthrace. All other countries accept the fact that Seals belong to the ecosystem and that simply doing away with such a huge number can and will seriously negatively affect the global ecosystem, Bethune continued.

This year, a total of 85,000 baby seals and 6,000 adult males will be slaughtered. Bethune condemned the Namibian Government for refusing local and international media to report and film the event, arguing “if Namibia stands by their idea that it is OK, then they should not have a problem with people filming it” Canada is also constantly under pressure for their seal culls, however they do allow animal welfare organizations to observe the process, according to the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW). He continued to state that, “Namibia appears to be paranoid about keeping the activities out of the press and international spotlight as it is presumably very inhumane”

The seal hunt in Namibia does not create much employment nor does it help the local economy very much and the resources required by the government by using military personnel and patrol boats 24 hours a day to keep the area secure is simply not viable for such a small industry.

In a statement by Bell-Leask from the IFAW recently, he said that the Namibian seal cull is “inhumane, wasteful and completely out of sync with international beliefs and feels that commercial sealing has to stop. Namibia can offer absolutely no justifiable reason, be it scientific or commercial, to continue with what can only be called a beach-side bloodbath”.

“The herding and beating of scared nursing seals is horrendous and absolutely not necessary and needs to be stopped immediately – it is arguably the cruelest act against animals in the world”, according to IFAW.


  1. Helene Strydom says:

    I work on a cruiseliner as a Casino Manager. I tell all my guests to avoid travelling to Namibia until Namibia stops this insanity. I think tourism will suffer greatly. And it is a pity because it is such a wonderful and beautiful country and has so much more to offer.
    When will we learn?

  2. Tania Malan says:

    This information is extremely upsetting but the question remains how can we combat this. Why are we so helpless. There are groups starting to pop up everywhere on the social networks such as facebook who are trying to tackle these issues. One of these groups who are rapidly growing are known as the Tank Bangers. It has a following world wide with lots of experts. Could you not link in with them and hopefully network and get the right people to help tackle this problem. There is vast amounts of support but need to be channeled.

  3. Morrigan (Druid) says:

    Well Spoken Helen! I so agree with you!

  4. Lori says:

    I have always wanted to visit Namibia (have visited/lived in about 15 other countries in Africa). Despite how badly I wanted to book my trip to Namibia, I opted for neighboring countries instead because of the seal cull and the Namibian’s involvement in such cull. My $4,000 USD will gladly go to another country.

  5. BeeZeeEcoKid says:

    The best thing Namibia has are: nature, lions, tigers, elephants and seals…Instead of making sure they multiply, are safe and protected, they are killing them…I mean, does anyone have brains there? It’s like having tons of diamonds, but instead of selling them and keeping them safe, they are breaking them and throwing into the deep waters…WAKE UP! These animals are so precious and important, save them, nourish them, freaking bring them food not kill them! Nobody wants to look at the trees and sand and sea without nay animals, fur is for cavemen and so out, even meat eating is becoming gross to more and more people, EVERYBODY WANTS TO SEE LIONS, TIGERS AND SEALS living happily in nature! This is the true treasure of our planet, protect it and everybody will admire Namibia not despise it as they do now for these massive murders of innocent Earthlings. We are one with these animals…they go – we go. Our planet is dying already faster then ever before…be better then everybody else, LOVE ANIMALS, they are our brothers and sisters not enemies.

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