Spying on Seal Cull will not be tolerated

Seals Cape Cross NamibiaThe hot debated seal cull is about to get underway in Namibia and the areas have been closed off to anybody without a valid pass. Should anybody not authorized try and enter the area, they will be “dealt with” according to the police.

Very expensive and high end video equipment were found hidden in the area which were disguised as rocks. Amongst the equipment found were high definition cameras with zoom capabilities, large portable hard-drives for storing the footage, a car battery for power as well as a wireless router so that the videos and pictures can be transferred to another storage device without needing to be at the source. It is suspected that the culprits are international press working together with various animal rights groups who are in the country on tourist visas so that the culling can be filmed and used for their arguments.

It is suspected that the individuals who set up the cameras are lodging in the well known guesthouses at mile 72 from where they can walk along the beach unnoticed to the seal area to hide the equipment. Nobody has been arrested, however, the security and surveillance have been upgraded and intensified and anybody found in the area that is suspicious, will be treated as a trespasser and suffer the consequences, according to police inspector-general Sebastian Ndeitunga.

Namibia has always taken the stance that any information regarding the annual seal culling is not to be filmed, photographed or reported on.


  1. Carlos Ruiz Dinguita says:

    I find it really sickening and perverse that this practices still occur today and I hope that people will stand up more so that this can stop. Money or not – the way it is done in Namibia is too cruel and unhumane that the world should do something about it! I loved visiting there but will not anymore until this is stopped or made less cruel.

  2. The Namibian Government are in violation of several laws. Firstly, article 21 (1) (a) of the Namibian constitution guarantees a free press. Then, Namibia is in gross violation of the Windhoek Declaration, which also guarantees a free press.

    Namibia is in violation of it’s Animal Protection Act (71) of 1962. This act expressely forbids beating an animal to death. The Marine Resources Act and the Marine Regulations Act are both being violated on many levels. The Minister of Fisheries, Bernard Esau, is going beyond his jurisdiction which extends as far as the high water mark. This vile massacre takes place above the high water mark.

    There is blatant disregard for the recommendations as stipulated by the United Nations with regards to CITES and rumours abound that various ministers have accepted lavish gifts in order to continue with the slaughter.

    Ultimately, Namibia has shown poor leadership, a gross lack of management of resources and are now facing an international boycott.

    For further information, refer to our website, https://sites.google.com/site/thesealsofnam/


    Pat Dickens
    Campaign Manager
    The Seals of Nam

  3. Anouk de Winter says:

    Nothing to add to Pat Dickens, The Seals of Nam’s comment. Namibia is cruel and shows poor example for the next generation. Anyone planning to trip to Namibia should think twice as long as innocent defendless animals are murdered in this country. btw has Namibia so much to hide that cams arent allowed, its shame maybe ..

    • Mary Alice says:

      I absolutely agree and I would not go there as a tourist – however I would go there as a photographer to document the cruelty of this SLAUGHTER. I will spread the word and encourage everyone who would even consider a visit to strongly rethink it and visit a place who has more humane values and who uphold their own welfare laws !

  4. Christine Cousin says:

    Completely agree with all of the above comments. Why do the Namibian people allow their government to get away with this illegal and unfounded act of gross cruelty and barbarism? It is inhumane to the extent that the whole nasty act of killing nursing babies in such a way is totally unique to Namibia, no other Country in the World would allow such cruelty to wildlife to happen.

    If the Government truly believes that this constitutes sound animal conservation practice, then why it is so afraid of journalists both locally and internationally who wish to observe and film, and why is it ignoring calls from IFAW, WSPA, NSPCA and WWF to stop this barbarism and conduct a full enquiry from conservation, ecological, scientific and animal welfare concerns, into the whole issue?

  5. Bilyana Petrova says:

    Namibia is so lucky to have those cute seals on their beaches!!! They could benefit much more from seal watching tourism for example. Namibia ban seal culling!!!!!

  6. Andre from Sacto says:

    What is tragic is that Namibia is using the same faulty logic as the Canadian government to kill the seal population. The Canadians fished out all of their cod fish stocks. Yet, despite the scientific evidence shown before and after the collapse that over fishing was the problem they could not believe that they had fished themselves out of a livelihood. So they blamed the seals for eating too much fish and started their baby seal massacre. It seems that the Namibian government is taking a page from the Canadians on how to shift the blame. The Namibian seal kill is partly a Canadian export. The people of Namibia should be aware the the Canadian government has been killing seals for a long time and their cod stocks have yet to come back. It is not the seals.

    • I don’t understand how so few men can kill so many animals and get away with it when there are so many of us against it!! Why don’t the murderers out there kill something worthwhile killing like these people who are killing these poor seals!! I have never believed in this but at this point I really don’t give a shit!!It must end now!! (Canada)

  7. Chris Henwood says:

    Anyone planning to trip to Namibia should think twice as long as innocent defendless animals are murdered in this country. The Nambia government has to hide its head in shame at this and yet they expect people to spend money in their country watching wildlife! Total hypocrites, why should I spend my money in such a country when others offer the same wildlife without such blood on their hands? ..

  8. Jason de Wett says:

    I find it ridiculous that people think they can simply tell a country what to do and how to do things when they do not have all the facts. These international wildlife groups take statements and turn them around to simply suit their cause which is often more to stir things up. It is a fact that Namibia relies on its fisheries and without it, a huge dent in the economy will occur, resulting in debt and loss of jobs. Seals are the second largest cause for the lack of fish and this can be dealt with. Stopping the fishing is not an option as mentioned because too many people will suffer through unemployment and the very poor eventually of starvation.

    It is easy to sit in Europe and scream and shout where they have a social system that will help the poor, but have no idea what it means to live in a country that does not have such a system in place.

    The plight of the people should always come first!

    • Michelle Barnardt says:

      and forget to say : It is not only Europe screaming – IT IS THE WHOLE WORLD screaming !! Now time that Namibia start listening and take note of all the screaming …

  9. Michelle Barnardt says:

    Ok Jason, but please answer the following: WHY ARE THEY KILLING THE BABY SEALS leading to the cows reproducing every year Naturally Cape Fur Seals only breed every third year and by killing the baby at seven months, the cows will breed EVERY YEAR and Namibia will KILL THEM EVERY YEAR! – May it be that Namibia is killing the cubs for the reasons you not aware of?? And please take not of the following : Dr David Lavigne executive director of the International Marine Mammal Association and one of the worlds most respected seal scientist states that
    it is a scam used through out the world that seals are a threat to fishing industry and said :”It is quite plausible that culling a seal population could in fact be detrimental to a fishery”
    THERE IS NO SCIENTIFIC JUSTIFICATION FOR REDUCING THE POPULATION OF SEALS and the Universisy of Cape Town have found that goby make up an average 50 percent of the diet of the Namibian Cape Fur Seal which is a small, spine-finned fish that are unpalatable to humans. And jobs : – creating jobs 3 months in a year paying people minimum salaries is def not creating jobs! SO PLEASE WAKE UP TOO AND GET YOUR FACTS IN ORDER YOU MIGHT BE SURPRISED AT THE REAL ISSUES HERE!!

  10. Emily Pompei says:

    Seals are not to blame for the lack of fish in the seas. Humans are the ones who have had a population explosion & are the ones who make never-ending, increasing demands upon the Earth & all of its resources. Most of the fish that the seals eat are ones that human do NOT anyway. Namibia makes far, far more money through the eco-tours than from the seal pelt industry. You can blame the seals all you want for your problems but when you point your finger at them, you’ve got three pointing back at you. It is obscene that in this day & age, such an unspeakably cruel & horrific practice still goes on & worse yet, is embraced by a country’s own government. Namibia, you have much to be ashamed of. It is so sad that you refuse to take the example of your sister country Kenya, and PROTECT your wildlife instead of murdering it for human greed & corruption.

  11. Jason de Wett says:

    Exactly what I pointed out.. taking statements and turning them around…

    When I said loss of employment.. I meant at the fisheries if one were to stop fishing so much. Not the jobs created at the cull.. I never referred to that at all.

    Stating that “”It is quite plausible that culling a seal population could in fact be detrimental to a fishery” is ALSO NO DEFINITE SCIENTIFIC JUSTIFICATION! “plausible” … come on.. Because he has a “hunch” people should simply listen….

    Also, instead of simply saying that this should stop, why not offer a better solution to the problem? Fish less is not an option.. the demand to too great and as I said, less fishing, means less work, less jobs, worse economy and the poor suffer in the end.

    The problem is that the anti advocates argue on a emotional basis, not a rational basis.

    • Michelle Barnardt says:

      As you said “fishing so much” ..Unfortunately if there is only 50 apples in an orchard you have to accept you will only be able to pick 50 and not 100…. And on other options Fishery is not the only way to create jobs or earn an income :- An independent report commissioned from an American company showed that if present tourists who visit Namibia extended their stay by half a day to visit the seal colonies, the country would earn an extra R1.3 million a year. The government ignored the report refused Ifaw’s offer of financial assistance…. It is thanks to people with “hunch” that many people live today after having cancer or any other terminal illness, also thanks to them that most of us are still able to live from the earth…. where people ignored their warnings they are living or “dieing” the consequences…. And we are still left with the question Why kill the BABY seals who when they are killed feed from the teat and dont even fish?

  12. admin says:

    Hi from the Namibian-Tours.com Team…

    After receiving numerous emails where people have made their opinions abundantly clear, I would like to jump in here and make a quick statement that we do not in any way condone or support the seal cull in Namibia.

    Please feel free to continue voicing your opinions.

    All the best

  13. Arnaud says:

    Humans are free. They think they are “god” and can judge the life and death on animals. Who can say that life is more important than another? No! It is important for me to respect all animals.

    A question, “why eat meat when we can do without?” or “Why kill an animal for its fur as we do not need?” Who are we to estimate the animal must be killed for selfish pleasure? Whether it’s a seal, a cow or a chicken … it is a living animal that feels pain and has emotions!

    Everyone knows that we can avoid that (s) massacre (s)! For me, no exscuse can justify such barbarity.

    Finally, like many other nation of Namibia is a criminal!

    Arnaud from Belgium!

  14. Ku Jira says:

    So, anyone not there to actually brutally kill a seal will be ‘dealt with”…what does that mean? Arrested and tortured by the police? Killed? Mutilated? Clubbed over the head like a baby seal? Namibia should be ashamed of itself for having the title of the world’s largest slaughter of wildlife. It is a sickening display of all that is wrong with human beings……a gross and careless disregard for nature and animals. I would not “tour” Namibia for any reasons long as this slaughter takes place, and anyone who does is just as guilty as the buffoons wielding the clubs.

  15. Bekha Scharlach says:

    This is disgusting. If you don’t want to be treated like a backwards third-world nation of idiots, don’t frickin’ act like one.

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